Rayyan Testimonials

“I love Rayyan because ...”

Hossam Hammady, Software Engineer, QCRI.



“It's the best tool I can think of for doing this type of work.”


“Rayyan QCRI is the best free platform to do systematic literature review properly.”

Yohanes Herdiyanto, Lecturer, Udayana University.

“Easy to use, easy to learn. And most importantly easy to set up. The program works for you, not against you.”


“It's very seamless, easy to use, and expedites the review process.”


“I really like that reviewers are able to identify systematically why they want (or do not want) the article reviewed.”

Jacqueline Bartlett, Dr..

“Great usability and functionality. Rayyan has saved me countless hours. I even received timely feedback from staff when I did not understand the capabilities of the system, and was pleasantly surprised with the time they dedicated to my problem. Thanks again!”

Hugh Bidstrup, PhD student, Australian Catholic University .

“Excellent interface to do title and abstract screening. Also helps to keep a track on the the reasons for exclusion from the review. That too in a blinded manner.”

Rajendra Prasad Anne, Consultant Neonatologist, Fernandez Hospital.

“Rayyan is a great product that makes literature reviews easier and more efficient and more organized.”


“Quite user friendly, irreplacable tool for systematic review.”


“This is a great piece of software. It has made the independent viewing process so much quicker. The whole thing is very intuitive.”

Annie Topping, Professor, University of Birmingham.

“Several fantastic features especially the keywords for inclusion and exclusion, as well as the feature of labels.”

Ahmed Naji, Clinical PhD Candidate, Queen Mary University of London.

“Fácil de usar. Acelera procesos. Amigable con investigadores jóvenes. Plataforma interactiva. Aspecto lúdico”

Diego J. Aparcana-Granda, MS, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia.

“Rayyan has everything I need for systematic review especially for smooth collaboration”


“Rayyan makes ordering articles and extracting data very easy. A great tool for undertaking literature and systematic reviews!”

samantha colquhoun, Fellow, Australian National University.

“We can use Rayyan across institutions, comes well recommended by experienced reviewers and novices alike! ”


“Rayyan is a fantastic tool to save time and improve systematic reviews!!! It has changed my life as a researcher!!! thanks”

Claudia Alves, professor, UFMG.

“Easy to use, friendly, has everything you need for cooperative work on the systematic review”

Jelena Jacimovic, Librarian, School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

“Rayyan is really a very good program!”

Jef Adriaenssens, HSR Expert, KCE.

“Easy to use, straight forward instructions, nice layout and visually appealing design.”


“J'ai utilisé Rayyan et c'est très pratique pour l'inclusion des études. Je recommande vivement Rayyan.”

MAHAMAT GADJI, Researcher, The university of yaounde I.

“It's easy to upload reference files and conducting scoping or systematic reviews. I really like that I can identity "inclusion" and "exclusion" terms. I have less experience with sharing a review with another person and the blind process but my limited experience went well.”


“The user friendly software enabled me to make light work of a huge task. I could work at my own pace and in bitesize chunks. Knowing that the lead reviewer was always aware of my progress gave me good accountability to reach my goal faster than left to my own devices.”

Clair Barber, Student, University of Southampton.

“Very necessary for any systematic reviewer right now.”


“This is the best tool for screening titles/abstracts for systematic reviews!”

Marco Bardus, Assistant Professor, American University of Beirut.

“Beste oppfinnelsen etter hjulet!!! Har vært til stor hjelp for meg gjennom oppgaveskriving!”


“Melhor ferramenta para revisão sistemática da atualidade.”

Renê Couto, Adjunct Professor, Universidade Federal de São João del Rei.

“Brilliant tool for abstract screening process with multiple reviewers. Easy to understand and to use.”

Kjetil Torgeirsen, Manager, master student , SAFER.

“It's been incredibly helpful for my systematic review!”


“This was really useful to screen articles and allowed access off-site so allowed flexibility as I had a very tight schedule. It also afforded an opportunity for the second review to cross check for accuracy.”

Dionne Daniel, Senior Nurse/Project Lead , City University , London .

“Increible. Intuitivo, claro, gratis, seguro y facil de usar. Muy recomendado!!”


“Easy to use, nothing else like it.”


“Excelente para trabalhar junto com os estudantes”

Irma Brito, Professor, Nursing School of Coimbra (ESEnfC).

“O RAYYAN é uma ferramenta extremamente útil na execução de uma revisão de literatura.”

Alexandre Bueno, student, Escola de Enfermagem de Ribeirão Preto - USP.

“Easy to use and a very good way of collaborating with co-reviewers”


“Rayyan makes life easy in every way when conducting a systematic review and it is easy to use”

nneka okere, scientist, AMC.

“Simple lay-out, easy to use and extremely efficient!”


“It's a simple to use tool that works well with Endnote. I'd be lost without it as a management and collaborative tool.”


“Excelente plataforma”

Diana Rivera, Profesora, Fundación Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud.

“I don't know anything that does what Rayyan does!”

Abigail Sharer, Student, Texas A&M College of Education and Human Development.

“The blind review when working with a collaborator has been incredibly helpful.”


“interface conviviale et facile a utiliser. Très bon boulot !”


“Excelente aplicación”

Mateo Andrade, Student, Universidad de los Andes.

“Simple, quick, reliable.”

Ioannis Michopoulos, Psychiatrist, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

“Rayyan is an amazing tool that streamlines the systematic review process.”


“Very versatile platform, efficient for screening a large number of studies on the go.”

Rayhaan Bassawon, Medical Student, MCGILL UNIVERSITY.

“Easy to use, great customer support, very responsive.”


“This is an awesome and very useful tool for systematic literature reviews!”


“Rayyan is free and has all the bells and whistles needed for reviewing articles. It's a great product!”

Laura Kuo, Health Sciences Librarian, Ithaca College. Ward Heij, PhD, Radboud University Medical Center.

“Rayyan is a functional program.”


“It's a very useful platform for doing collaborative systematic reviews.”

Kimberley Mathot, Assistant professor, University of Alberta.

“Found it to be an excellent product.”


“Rayyan is an excellent tool to work in reviews with a partners. Certainly I will recommend to my colleagues.”

LUIZ FERNANDO RAMOS SILVA, Student, Londrina State University.

“Excelente software. Fantástico interfaz. Los atajos de teclado son muy convenientes.”

Mateo Andrade, Student, Universidad de los Andes.

“Makes reviewing much easier!”

Hanna Augustsson, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Macquarie University.

“Rayyan is a very efficient tool for systematic review.”

Aparna Saripella, Research Intern, UHN.

“A great software”

Sonal Singh, Associate Professor, UMass Medical School.

“Rayyan, while still having areas needing improvement, is an excellent tool for systematic reviewing, particularly cooperatively with other researchers. In particular, the ability to upload pdfs and compare reviews directly is a massive time saver.”

Charles Hay, Research Assistant, Keele University.

“It is easy to use, free and easily accessible.”

Siddarth David, PhD Student, Karolinska Institutet .

“Great system. Easy to use.”


“I am brand new to Rayyan and am very impressed with the site, and now the service!! ”

Heather Clark, Research Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University Health Science Center.

“Já recomendei a vários colegas. A ferramenta é fantástica.”


“It is a Great Tool, especially for New Researchers. I Hope It works better even for the Experienced one. Easy to understand and use.”


“Ik ben tevreden over de software, scheelt een hoop tijd”



Nan Hu, , .

“Bra verktyg för att screena många titlar”


“Just amazing”

Luiza Cunha, PhD Student, Federal University of Sergipe.

“Very efficient and easy to use. Cuts back the time required to screen literature for a systematic review. Also allows for each of collaboration and quality control by co-reviewers”

Edina Amponsah-Dacosta, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Cape Town.

“Todas as vezes que usei, o programa atendeu minhas necessidades (Every time I used it, the program met my needs.)”

Simone Soares, Professor, Bauru School of Dentistry.

“Very useful for systematic reviews.”


“Amazing software.. made my Sr work a stroll in the park!”

Oluwafunbi Akinola, Masters Student, University of CapeTown.

“Awesome platform!”


“Prima systeem, duidelijk (Great system, clearly).”


“Rayyan est assez intuitif, la navigation est facile et c'est gratuit (Rayyan is quite intuitive, navigation is easy and it's free.)”

Mame-Awa Ndiaye, Research assistant , Université Laval.

“I've found Rayyan very useful in my research.”


“Great resource, makes completing systematic reviews easier.”


“Really happy with my experience so far. Easy to use interphase, free of charge, and with multiple helpful features.”

Jeffrey Berinstein, Gastroenterology Fellow, University of Michigan.

“Excellent program, so helpful.”

Marc Baay, medical writer, P95.

“Het werkt erg goed. Het is een makkelijke, laagdrempelige manier van samenwerken. (It works very well. It is an easy, low-threshold way of working together.)”


“É uma plataforma muito segura e prática. Facilita muito o trabalho mais cansativo da revisão sistemática (It is a very safe and practical platform. Facilitates much the most tiring work of systematic review).”

Yuri Motoyama, Yuri Lopes Motoyama, Federal University of Sao Paulo - UNIFESP/EPM.

“A plataforma Rayyan tem funcionalidade perfeita como colaboração às revisões sistemáticas (The Rayyan platform has perfect functionality as a collaboration to systematic reviews.)”

Alexandre Bueno, student, Escola de Enfermagem de Ribeirão Preto - USP.

“Rayyan is an amazing platform for systematic reviews and it is very user friendly.”

Sara Medina Kasasni, Medical Student, Université de Sherbrooke.

“Rayyan is a great system, very powerful and easy to use.”

Felix Clay, Clinical Fellow, CPFT, CLAHRC NIHR East of England.

“ You have been doing incredible work. The project is not only helpful in conducting systematic reviews—with the offline screening app, it really is one of a kind, and the free-to-use status is truly golden.”

Pavel Zhelnov, Tr Ortho Surg Resident, Pavlov First St Petersburg Medical Uni.

“Congratulations for this wonderful software!”


“すごく便利です。SR以外の文献を書くときや調べ物にも最適!(It is very convenient. Ideal for investigations also when writing literature other than systematic review!!)”


“Bom funcionamento, muito útil e os bugs são consertados rapidamente (Works well, very useful and bugs are fixed quickly).”

luaamacedo, , .

“Tenho usado com muita frequência e tem sido uma ferramenta extremamente útil (I have used it very often and it has been an extremely useful tool).”


“Ett fantastiskt instrument vid screening av artiklar! (An amazing instrument for screening articles!)”


“Oversiktlig og et flott verktøy til å velge ut artikler (Exquisite and a great tool for selecting articles).”

Susanne Johnson, stipendiat, Høgskulen på Vestlandet.

“O aplicativo é sensacional para reduzir o tempo de trabalho para identificação dos artigos e contribui para a revisão por pares (The application is great for reducing the time it takes to identify articles and contributes to peer review).”

Samir Abjaude, , .

“Rayyan is a nicely designed tool that allows a nice review of literature.”

Santam Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, Tata Memorial Hospital.

“Very easy to use....many useful features”

Bijaya Pokharel, MSN student, University of Alberta, MSN student, University of Alberta.

“I recommend this tool to all the teams I work with for their screening. Everyone seems to really love Rayyan.”

Amy Taylor, Librarian, TMC Library.

“Very friendly system.”

Rodrigo M. Carrillo-Larco, , .

“Free, easy to use software for screening”


“Rayyan is easy to use.”


“Rayyan makes the process of systematic review very easy and straightforward”


“Great tool! ”


“I like rayyan. it is easy to work with.”


“Rayyan is awesome.”

Neil Joshi, Researcher, .

“Perfect help for writing review papers.”

Maria Liljeroos, Post doc, Linköping university.

“Rayyan is a tool that is useful for many purposes, not only for conducting systematic reviews.”

Erik Eriksson, Assistant Researcher, University of Gothenburg.

“Rayyan is very easy to use.”

Bijaya Pokharel, MSN student, University of Alberta, MSN student, University of Alberta.

“It's free and very useful for SRs. Wish a couple of features were better but our hospital can't afford costly software. This works very well and our researchers appreciate it”

Jennifer Lyon, Librarian, Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas City.

“It is a helpful tool when you are conducting a review or meta-analysis.”


“Rayyan is an awesome tool.”

Rohit Saha, Doctor, King's College London.

“Easy to use. User friendly. High functionality.”

Josh Rash, Assistant Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

“I love it - it is making the process efficient and fun”


“Rayyan is easy to use.”

Tatiana Pereira-Cenci, Associate Professor, Federal University of Pelotas.

“Rayyan is really helpful when selecting literature. The results can easily be organised. Furthermore, the programme is easy to use.”


“Rayyan is helping tremendously.”

Neil Joshi, Researcher, .

“Simple idea, easily executed. Ideal for IRR exercises”

Darragh McCashin, Early Career Researcher, University College Dublin.

“Great tool. Thank you very much”

Hung Nguyen, Postdoctoral , Baylor College of Medicine.

“Rayyn is easy to use, great system, well thought-through. I've been recommending it to everyone!”

Katherine Hewitt, Dr, NHS.

“Free, easy to use, collaborative.”


“A very good tool for screening, and free of charge:)”

Liv Fegran, Professor, University of Agder.

“Rayyan is very friendly to use.”

Rodrigo M. Carrillo-Larco, , .

“Rayyan is a great software made to perform Meta-analysis and has just made this process SO much easier!”


“It's part of my job to help researchers do systematic reviews, so I'm often recommending Rayyan. It's free and has some good functionality. There are improvements that are needed, particularly the ability to set 2 reviews per citation to make it easier to have a team of reviewers. But generally, it works well and my researchers like it.”

Jennifer Lyon, Librarian, Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas City.

“Rayyan is responsive, intuitive, and free. It can be used with research volunteers and seasoned professionals alike. Blinding is easy and effective, I can see how far my other screeners have progressed and the level of agreement without seeing what they have done. This can be used to compete to finish quickly or it can send a signal that there is little agreement. ”

Amy Price, The University of Oxford.

“Rayyan is user friendly, useful, time saving, and free.”

Marie Österberg, Project leader, SBU – Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment.

“Rayyan is an amazing program, handy and useful in the real life activities of a researcher.”


“Rayyan is easy to use.”


“Rayyan is a very well thought and a practical application. The Android app is a boon.”

Dinesh Raj Pallepogula, PhD Scholar, JIPMER.

“I have found Rayyan to be extremely useful.”

Justin Clark, Information Specialist, Centre for Research in Evidence Based Practice.

“Rayyan is an intuitive and reliable system.”

Katherine MacGilchrist, CEO & Systematic Review Director, Epidemica.

“Rayyan is free, easy to use without a high initial learning curve, easy for collaborators to work together regardless of setting.”

Catherine Smith, Senior Research Librarian, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“Rayyan is a very useful collaboration tool”


“I feel like Rayyan is now essential to facilitate systematic reviews.”


“Rayyan is a GOOD tool.”

Chang Xu, PhD student, Chinese Evidence-based medicine Center.

“Rayyan helps me to organise my thoughts e ideas.”


“Rayyan has been tremendously useful for my systematic review. It is freely available and easy to use.”

Anthony O´Brien, Postdoctoral research fellow, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

“Rayyan is just amazing!”

Kim Wright, Student, TAMU.

“Rayyan is free and useful”

Hilde Strømme, Senior adviser, Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

“Rayyan offers great way to tag and label articles for systematic review!”

Namrata Grampurohit, Assistant Professor, University of the Sciences.

“Rayyan is very easy to use, lots of great functions, great that a few people can be working on it at the same time in different locations.”

Mallika Abbott, Masters Student, Deakin University.

“Rayyan is amazing! All researchers and grad students need to know about it!!!”

Kim Wright, Student, TAMU.

“Rayyan is easy and collaboration-friendly”


“Rayyan is extremely well designed and very stable (haven't had a problem with it so far). The collaboration tool is excellent as is the ability to screen abstracts. I would not now conduct even a small review without using Rayyan.”

Tristan Price, Research Assistant , Plymouth University.

“Rayyan is helpful for the duplication and screening process for systematic reviews, and it is free!”


“Thank you for producing such an excellent tool for article screening – I'm spreading the word”


“It's free, I can share with colleagues and it works”

Jeffrey Coghill, Outreach Librarian, East Carolina University.

“Rayyan is a great tool to collaborate with.”

Max Marsden, Clinical Research Fellow , Centre for Trauma Science, Queen Mary, University of London.

“Rayyan is most excellent and truly makes systematic reviews a more satisfying experience. The software, to me, is a game changer and I wouldn’t do a review without it going forward.”

Lucas Schiffer, Research Assistant, City University of New York, Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy. Anonymous. Anonymous. Elvis Temfack, Research clinician, Douala General Hospital, Cameroon. Claire Young, PhD Candidate, Deakin University, Australia. Anonymous. Nick de Kuyper, Master Student, Radboud University Medical Center, The Netherlands. Margaret Foster, Associate Professor, Systematic Reviews Coordinator, Texas A&M University.

“Rayyan makes it easy to collaborate.”


“Rayyan is a very useful tool to record decisions.”


“Rayyan Works wonder.”


“I love it!”


“I just discovered this tool and it's fantastic! We are currently reviewing more than 2,000 articles in Excel and it's absolutely awful!”

Nedelina Tchangalova, Ms., University of Maryland College Park USA.

“Great work on the site and app. This makes creating consort diagrams for reviews very easy and the collab feature is very helpful. ”


“Really is easy to use.”

Luuk Bekker, Student, AMC-UvA.

“Rayyan is a good tool which is easy to work with. Its support team is very responsive and helpful.”


“Rayyan is easy to work with, easy to get started!”


“I do not know of any other tool that supports performing literature reviews so well.”


“I love the Rayyan system, it’s very intuitive and easy to use.”


“Rayyan is a very useful tool.”

Deirdre Beecher, Information Specialist.

“I love the simplicity in using this system!”


“Great website”


“I am loving using Rayyan and my PhD student loves it too. Thanks for the helpful reply and for the great programme.”


“Rayya is user friendly and easy to use”


“I can't read papers without Rayyan.”

Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous. Dr Anirudha Agnihotry, President, Oral Cancer Organization, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College . Hanna Olofsson, Information Specialist, The Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment (SBU). Cochrane Airways group, St Georges University of London. Dr Soumyadeep Bhaumik, Clinician & Public Health Consultant, Kolkata, India. Anonymous. Anthony Messina, MD MSPH MBA, Primary Author CARG 130, Cochrane Reviews. Skye Newton, Team leader, Adelaide Health Technology Assessment. Anonymous. Kayleigh Kew, Systematic Reviewer, St George's, University of London.

“Great interface, great usability, sophisticated rating algorithm, free!”


“Rayyan is awesome!”

Adriano Freitas, Graduation Student, UNIFESP-EPM.

“Rayyan is great!”


“I find Rayyan an easy-to-use online screening tool, and very reliable.”


“Simple use and minimum effort.”

Göran Bertilsson, Project director and analyst, SBU – Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment.

“Rayyan is a helpful software that is free of charge.”


“Thank so much for a great service you created, it is very clever how you approached support of screening”


“Rayyan is a fantastic tool, thanks a lot!”

Karin Stenström, Project Director, SBU.

“I am enjoying using Rayyan.”

Hamish Chalmers, Doctoral Researcher, Oxford Brookes University.

“From just an hour or so working with the system I can say that this already made a very good impression on me.”

Bernd Richter, Coordinating Editor, Cochrane Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders Group.

“I was interested to see how Rayyan works and it does seem flexible and intuitive.”


“It's a very useful tool that supports the systematic review process very well with a clear structure.”


“I must say that after using the Rayyan text-mining tool I am impressed. Really useful and easy to work with.”


“It's a very easy site to use. The way different authors can work on the same review is extremely easy and very helpful.”

Eman Alrowaili, Dental Public Health Consultant, Ministry of Health, Bahrain.

“Thank you for this super tool.”


“Looks great! Very useful for scoping topics too. Great program with a lot of potential use.”

Amy Price, Director of ThinkWell and DPHIL student at the University of Oxford.